Email address verification – the ideal solution to cleanse email addresses

Email address verification is also known as email cleansing and it ensures that all your campaigns reach the intended inboxes. It is a cost effective process crucial to businesses and multi channel campaigns. The icing on the cake is that email id verification protects sender reputation.

Why should you verify email address?

Sometimes when your email list has too many invalid email addresses there is a chance that there will be higher bounce rates. Once there are higher bounce rates, the email service provider may not be able to help regain a good sender reputation.

In order to maintain good sender reputation cleanse your email address lists every once in a while. This not only protects your sender reputation, the email cleansing and hygiene bit allows all your marketing campaigns to be heard. Once the email lists are valid, marketers can focus on improving the marketing performance.

Email Verification Services   Email Validation Process   Lake B2B

The steps involved when you choose to verify email addresses:

  • Deliverability of the email addresses

  • Verify if the email id belongs to the person

  • Match the email address to a specific profile

  • Check if the recipient wants emails from the senders.

There are a few key features when you are looking to verify email addresses. The service that you are opting for should be well equipped to address various problems.

The key points to look for while choosing a verification service:

  • Extensive knowledge of spamtraps and spamtrap domains

  • The ability to focus on real time verification

  • Perform verification with constant check on permission and validity

Email address verification is a very extensive topic that covers various sub-topics to ensure email addresses are as authentic and reliable as possible.

A peak into the ESP perspective:

Verification services ought to remove bounces as per the ESP perspective and ESPs have lesser data to apply to compliance decisions. The health of the mailing list can be assessed on the basis of the bounce rates, more so for new lists.

Good practices in email verification:

There are several fruitful practices in email verification service to be top of the game and to provide authentic data. The most important factors are to identify IPs and domains without switching IPs so as to avoid blocks. Minimize the use of IPs to get better results while verifying email addresses.

Marketers can assess the success of their campaigns by answering two very critical questions:

  • Is the email address valid or will the emails bounce?

  • Is there any risk to my sender reputation if I send emails to the address?

Arriving at a proper understanding of the above questions, one may assess and control email deliverability, sender reputation and improve the performance of the email marketing campaign.

The email verification service as Lake B2B helps reduce bounce rates, improves email marketing ROI, and enhances email deliverability. With the email id verification service, marketers can rest assured as the email addresses will be devoid of typos, syntax and domain errors. With over 150 email verification and validation experts, the most complex of databases may be verified accurately. Contact Lake B2B for authentic email verification service and take your business to the next level.

Focus more on marketing campaigns and numbers while the verification service at Lake B2B will take care of the rest.


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